Valves - 2500


Globe configuration
Female thread BSP 1" (NPT available on request)
Optional Flow Control (FC)
Internal/External manual bleed
Heavy-duty, corrosion and UV resistant construction
Captive Solenoid (the plunger is retained in the solenoid)
Slow, anti water hammer closing
Double-beaded Santoprene diaphragm provides
leak-proof seal
Working pressure: 0,7 to 10 bar
Solenoid 24VAC 50Hz (24VAC 60Hz on request)
- Inrush current, 0,34 Amp.
- Holding current, 0,20 Amp.
2500MT 2500 Series 1" FBSP w/o FC
2500MTF 2500 Series 1" FBSP FC


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