Blue Twister

Blue Twister

Blue Twister

The innovative new Double Helix makes the Blue Twister
swing-pipe fittings the easiest to install. No longer is there a
need to hammer or walk them into the pipe. Just twist the
pipe and let the Double Helix pull the pipe onto the fitting.
Once the pipe has covered all of the barbs, you are assured
of connection that does not leak and will withstand the
water pressure of your installation. The ease in which the
Blue Twisters can be installed into the poly tube makes it
simple to cover all barbs and have a high quality installation.


• Double helix inlet self-tapping
• To use with Super Blue Flex Hose or other pipes in PE with
an internal diameter of 12,5 mm and a thickness
of 2,4 mm
• Material: acetalic
• Patent pending


• Sprinkler inlet: ½“ and ¾“
• Max working pressure: 7 bar


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