The valve box without Labor


HERCULES is the new Irritrol’s valve boxes range, a whole brand created to join together maximum protection of underground systems (valves and related instruments), and handiness of use, with ease of installation and adjustment for existent or new irrigation systems.


Range in line with the standard
EN124, designed to support loads of up to 1.5 tons
Circular models
– Double-hole handle, with opening direction indicated
– Bayonet coupling system, with optional locking screw
– Circular border covering the body, rapid positioning and water/earth entrance prevention
– Anti-slip surface
– Grass green color
– Conical shape, for underground fastness
– Reinforced wall thickness against structural collapse
– Ready to use pipe inlet slots, easily enlargeable

Rectangular models:
– Access handle for easy opening
– Perimetric border covering the body, rapid positioning and water/earth entrance prevention
– Optional locking screw
– Anti-slip surface
– Grass green color
– Oblique shape for underground fastness
– Innovative wall design for rapid and safe opening for tube entrances, without the necessity of electric power on site
– Reinforced angles against structural collapse


EU-HCS Small Circular
EU-HCM Medium Circular
EU-HRS Rectangular Standard
EU-HRJ Rectangular Jumbo
EU-HRSO Rectangular Standard with one hole
EU-HRSM Rectangular Standard with multiple holes
EU-HRJO Rectangular Jumbo with one hole
EU-HRJM Rectangular Jumbo with multiple holes
EU-HCK Locking Kit for Circular
EU-HRK Locking Kit for Rectangular
EU-HRC Cable Support for Rectangular
EU-HCSL Small Circular Lid
EU-HCML Medium Circular Lid
EU-HRSL Rectangular Standard Lid
EU-HRSLO Rectangular Standard Lid with one hole
EU-HRSLM Rectangular Standard Lid with multiple holes
EU-HRJL Rectangular Jumbo Lid
EU-HRJLO Rectangular Jumbo Lid with one hole
EU-HRJLM Rectangular Jumbo Lid with multiple holes

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