Controllers, Valves, Spray-heads, Sprinkler, rotors, that's Irritrol!

For over 40 years we have been active in the irrigation industry with state-of-the-art products. We have a wide range of products on the market suitable to satisfy our customers' increasingly demanding requests both from an innovation point of view and in terms of respect for the environment. Controllers, valves, sprayheads and rotors, nozzles, accessories and software for the design of the entire irrigation system... everything necessary for a high quality irrigation system.

Our commitment, this year more than ever, has concentrated on the development of products that exploit technological innovation, able to guarantee high water savings.

In fact, now, you have the chance to get hold of the new Minisat, the latest generation Irritrol control unit that enables the standardised management of an entire irrigation system thro ugh your own PC; its operation is simple and intuitive; all you need is a radio or internet connection. Or the MC-E, the Irritrol controller with 18 to 48 stations, intended for use in large systems, or Climate Logic, the innovative wireless system for the detection of evapo-transpiration in your garden, which by adjusting the water budget allows significant savings in terms of water and money.

There is even a new product in the valve range, the E-pic, the smallest Irritrol valve, ideal for small residential systems whose dimensions and simplicity of use and maintenance are fundamental. Still small but powerful are the Rotary Nozzles, which through an internal rotating mechanism allow more uniform water delivery, and produce water savings that cannot be reached with the other nozzles on the market. So, to provide everything necessary for your system, we decided that a new range of valve boxes could be useful, adaptable to the different installation requirements and also resistant to higher loads, which we have therefore called Hercules.

The mixture of new products is obviously to be integrated with the rest of the range, making Irritrol one of the most reliable and popular brand on the market.