Icod Plus

Icod Plus

Icod Plus

Icod Plus is the evolution of the Icod coding-decoding system. Like the previous version, it is composed of a control unit ICOD PLUS (able to code the signals coming from the controller to transmit them through the two non-polarised wires) and decoders to receive the signal transmitted (one type for connection to the electrovalves, one for the Master Valve (MV) and a third for Pump Control (CP).


ICOD PLUS is connected t0 the terminal board of the controller
through the (multicolour) cables provided depending on the number of stations to be controlled. Each decoder has 5 wires*, 2 of which are connected to the solenoid of
the valves or to the pump control circuit, 2 to the ICOD line and the last one the ground.


Like ICOD it has the following features:
Can be used with all Irritrol controllers and other controllers w/o open circuit alarm
The system can operate with a minimum of one module (8 stations) and a maximum of six modules (48 stations)
Easy programming using the six buttons of the ICOD PLUS viewable, on alphanumeric display
Decoders are identified by a 6-digit code that can be manually programmed or automatically read by ICOD
Up to 4 decoders per station or 3 valves per decoder
4 different types of alarm which respectively identify potential problems (open circuit, overload, short-circuit and one generic)
Possibility of updating the software and modifying the operating parameters (delay times between one decoder and the next, EV, MV/CP holding current, station activation via PC, alarm list and erasing, etc.) through a RS232 port for connection to a PC
Selectable languages : English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

Compared to the earlier version, it has the following extra features:
Possibility of changing the impedance to better adapt to the various electrical conditions of the system
Extractable terminals to facilitate system wiring
Possibility of station activation in manual mode (without the need of a controller to give the command)
New resin-bonded decoder IP68 (50 cm deep under water)


PVC cabinet for indoor/outdoor use (IP56), removable cover with 4 screws, for
Dimensions: 220 x 300 x 120 mm (H x Wx D)
Stations: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 depending on the modules installed
- Power cable 3 x 1 mm2
- Input connection cable: 1 (3 max) x 16 x
0.5 mm2
- Common 1 mm2 black unipolar cable
- Decoder connection cable, max 1-6 mm
Power supply and outputs:
- Input: primary 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
- Secondary A: 7 VAC, 400 mA
- Secondary B: 33.5 VAC, 2.2 Amp
- Output: 2-wire, 46 VDC, max 2 Amp
Sensor input: N.C. switch
Alarm output: N.C. or N.O. relay, 230 VAC,10 Amp
Terminal boards:
- Inputs (1,2,3, .... 48) 1 mm
- Output, max 6 mm
Temperature: -5°C to+50°C


IT-ICOD16PLUS 16-station Icod Plus coder
IT-IDECODPLUS Valve decoder
IT-IDECODMPLUS Master Valve decoder
IT-IDECODPPLUS Pump control decoder
IT-IDECODEXP8PLUS 8-station expansion module with pre-wired terminal


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