Junior Plus


Junior Plus

2, 4, 6 and 8 stations
Master valve/pump start
2 independent programs
Start times: 3 per program up to 6 daily starts
Watering time from 1 to 9 hours & 59 minutes,
in 1-minute increments
Seven-day "Select-A-Day" calendar or "Skip Days"
interval option from 1-30 days
Manual start per station or program
ON/OFF keys permit rainy weather shut-off
Large liquid cristal display
Face plate overlay and instruction manual supplied in
English, Italian, Spanish, French and German
External plugin transformer (included)
Flashing "24 V" is dislpayed to indicate power failure
Program erase code
Water budgeting from 10 to 200%
Start time stacking


Two AA 1,5 V alkaline batteries to maintain program in
case of power failure
0,5 Amp. fast blow fuse
Input: 220 VAC/50 Hz
Maximum output per station: 24 VAC - 0,35 Amp.
Maximum total controller output: 24 VAC - 0,5 Amp.


JR+2+220 Junior 2 stations (external transformer)
JR+4+220 Junior 4 stations (external transformer)
JR+6+220 Junior 6 stations (external transformer)
JR+8+220 Junior 8 stations (external transformer)


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