Kwik Dial


Kwik Dial

4, 6, 9 and 12 Stations in/out
3 independent programs allow differing water days, start
times, station running times and station assignments
Automatic, semiautomatic (manual program) and manual
station(s) operation
Flexible watering day schedules:
- Any day-of-the-week watering
- Automatic leap year and 31st day skip with odd/even
- Excluded-day option allows selection of specific days(s) not to water
"Program stacking" feature stores programs for sequential
operation (prevents program overlap)
Programmable "Rain Off" up to 7 days
Dial and four pushbuttons for ease of programming
Large LCD displays status of programs scheduled to run
each day
Sensor hookup with Sensor bypass switch
Multiple language capabilities (English, French, German,
Italian and Spanish)
English or international icon face plate
Built-in memory maintains real time and programming
information for a minimum of 24 hours in the absence of AC power.
Self-diagnostic, electronic circuit breaker identifies and
overrides an electrical "short" in a valve or in valve wiring
and continues to water operable stations
"All-stations" test program
Electrical surge protection (on both input and output
lines) resists damage from lightning storms and power surges
Water budgeting feature for each program (0-200% in
10% increments)
Weather-resistant plastic case with internal transformer
(outdoor model) and provision on door for a padlock
Durable plastic case with plug-in transformer
(indoor model)
"Remote Ready"
CE, UL and CUL listed.


Station run times: 1-240 minutes (four hours) in
1-minute increments.
Start times: 3 per program for up to 9 daily starts
Transformer input: 120 VCA,
60Hz or 230/240 VCA, 50 Hz
Transformer output: 24 VCA .830 Amp
Maximum output per station: 24 VCA, .4 Amp
Maximum total output: 24 VCA, .8 Amp
(including master valve)


Outdoor Height: 230mm (9")
Width: 172mm (67/8")
Depth: 100mm (4")
Indoor Height: 223mm (87/8")
Width: 156mm (61/8")
Depth: 76mm (3")


KD4-INT-E 4 stations (external trasformer)
KD6-INT-E 6 stations (external trasformer)
KD9-INT-E 9 stations (external trasformer)
KD12-INT-E 12 stations (external trasformer)
KD4-EXT-E 4 stations (built-in trasformer)
KD6-EXT-E 6 stations (built-in trasformer)
KD9-EXT-E 9 stations (built-in trasformer)
KD12-EXT-E 12 stations (built-in trasformer)


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