Easy and intuitive interface

1,2,4,6 stations (IP68)
4 indipendent programs
3 start times per program
Water budget from 0% to 200%
Bluetooth connection


Watering time : from 1 min to 8 hours (1 minute increase)
Flexible irrigation programming:
- Daily
- Weekly
- Irrigation on even and odd days
- Irrigation at 1 to 31 days intervals
Stacking program
Automatic, semi-automatic and manual start
Permanent memory
Rain Sensors connection
Rain delay function from 1 to 15 days or «permanent»

Additional Features

Compatible with Irritrol DCL latching solenoid up to 6 bar of water pressure
Permanent programs retention in memory in case of battery replacement
Internal clock maintained in case of power failure


Rated IP68, 100% waterproof
Operating temperature: -10°C + 50°C
9V battery
Output 9 VDC latching
Maximum distance of 300 m between controller and DCL latching solenoid (cable section 0,75mm2)


LIFE-1-DC Life DC, battery-powered controller, 1 station with Bluetooth
LIFE-2-DC Life DC, battery-powered controller, 2 stations with Bluetooth
LIFE-4-DC Life DC, battery-powered controller, 4 stations with Bluetooth
LIFE-6-DC Life DC, battery-powered controller, 6 stations with Bluetooth

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