The MC-E electronic control unit


created to control the irrigation of large gardens and
parks offers many advantages for water saving. Thanks to the possibility to set alarms, unexpected events and excessive water consumption can be detected.

18, 24, 36, 48 stations
8 independent programs
8 starts per program
Water Budget: from 0% to 250%


Irrigation duration:
− From 0 to 59 seconds, with 1 second increases per station
− From 1 minute to 24 hours, with 1 minute increases
per station
Flexible irrigation programming:
− Daily irrigation
− Irrigation on even and odd days (excluding the 31st day of the month)
− Irrigation at 1 to 60 day intervals
− Up to 6 stations can work at the same time
Stacking Program
Possibility to cancel a program
Automatic, semi-automatic and manual start per station or per program
Pump/master valve command per station
Rain interruption function up to maximum 14 days
Permanent memory
The spare battery maintains the current time and date in the event
of power cuts
Test program for all the stations
Delay option between 2 stations: possibility to set an adjustable
interval from 1 second to 2 hours between one station and the next
(facilitates the operation of the slow closing valves or well water
Activation and deactivation of the pump/master valve also during
the delay between 2 stations
Diagnostic switch to identify the stations with excessive energy
consumption, highlight them and stop them (they are automatically
bypassed and highlighted on the display)
Protection against short circuits
Multilingual menu
EC approval

Additional features

Adjustment of the monthly water budget and per
Possibility to enter a password to prevent
“Loop” setting for all programs
Inputs for:
− Flow meter
− On sensor
− Off sensor
Possibility to set 3 types of alarms in the event of:
− Short circuit
− Excessive water flow
− Excessive water loss
Metal container with lock
Possibility to fix the control unit onto a metal pedestal


Input power:
− 220 VAC, 50Hz
Output power:
− Max per station: 24 VAC (1,25 Amp)
− Max output (including master valve):
24 VAC (2,08 Amp)


MC-18E-50H | MC-E, 18 station controller, built-in trasformer 220 VAC
MC-24E-50H | MC-E, 24 station controller, built-in trasformer 220 VAC
MC-36E-50H | MC-E, 36 station controller, built-in trasformer 220 VAC
MC-48E-50H | MC-E, 48 station controller, built-in trasformer 220 VAC


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