A new way of thinking about irrigation

● 4 station control, expandable up to 16
● 8 independent programs
● 4 starts per program
● 14 day calendar
● Permanent memory
● Manual start per program or per station
● Water budget from 5% to 250%
● Time or volume based irrigation control
● Use and control of several different sensors
● Control unit installation directly in the wells
(model IP68)
● Automatic calculation of the flow rate for each
sector (one water totalizer and one water
● Automatic calculation of the water budget with
the ground humidity sensor.

Technical Specifications

● Battery or mains powered (220 VAC) or with a
solar panel (10W)
● Power 0.24 W
● Option to use latching solenoids
● Output for optical siren.


The Minisat control unit can be used in both agriculture and gardening for irrigation of vast green areas or small domestic gardens.
The radio connection allows integrating Minisat in an already functioning irrigation system to expand the area to be irrigated.
The battery or solar panel power supply allows installing Minisat also in areas where the mains outlet is far away, for example, a greenhouse.


● Versatility and ease of use
● Easy and fast installation
● Compact
● Possibility of working even where there is no power supply
● Freedom to position the control units where you want
● Vast coverage of areas to be irrigated
● System control via "radio" connections
● Possibility of setting alarms in the event of malfunctioning.

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