Photo New Rain Dial

New Rain Dial

Some classic gets old and obsolete, some other is strong enough to imprive and become a new classic. The new Rain Dial is the new classic for residential controller! Thanks to the water budget per program, the delay between stations, thecontrol …

Photo 450R


The new 450R rotor from Irritrol was designed with the contractorin mind. With an industry recognized arc adjustment, and the ability to quick check the arc setting, here’s no training necessary when setting this rotor. All this, along with superior water …

Photo 430R


The new Irritrol rotor 1/2" has come! Welcome 430R! Thanks to its familiar top adjustement, its pressure operating wiper seal, its wide selection of nozzle, its stainless steel adjustement screw, it has already become the contractor's favorite. Irritrol, get more done! …

Photo Icod Plus

Icod Plus

The automation of irrigation systems is growing and growing. Unfortuantely, when you have big gardens or parks with a lot of valves and long distances between them, there is a painful issue: wires! This issue can be easily solved if you …

Photo Asymmetrical loop

Asymmetrical loop

When you design the mainline of an irrigation system, you may need to use a loop configuration. If you want to know more about this subject, please read the complete news. …