Irritrol launch the new battery operated and monostation controller Tap Timer! Easy to program the new Tap Timer occur with a simple design, a direct connection to the water tap, 8 indipendent programs and up to 9 irrigation cycle options! Is ideal for …

Photo 550R


New Irritrol 3/4" pop-up rotor! Its proven 3/4" gear-driven design, its 15 mt. of watering radius, a full 5" pop-up and the wide selection of rotors make this rotor simply efficient. Simple installation thanks to the Irritrol's familiar top arc adjustment …

Photo I-PRO Nozzles

I-PRO Nozzles

Irritrol's new I-PRO nozzles with Matched Precipitation Rate! An I-PRO nozzle ensures even water distribution, reducing run-off and over-watering. I-PRO nozzles include a ribbed-edge design for a non-slip grip but above all, they are compatible with all Irritrol spray heads! Designed …

Photo I-PRO Series

I-PRO Series

Finally the Irritrol's new I-PRO series spray heads 3", 4", 6" and 12" has come! Thanks to its innovative pressure-activated seal with lubricant additive that eliminates stick-ups, its unique tapered lip design that prevents debris from entering the body and its …

Photo New Rain Dial

New Rain Dial

Some classic gets old and obsolete, some other is strong enough to imprive and become a new classic. The new Rain Dial is the new classic for residential controller! Thanks to the water budget per program, the delay between stations, thecontrol …