Photo 550R with the Slip Clutch

550R with the Slip Clutch

Irritrol presents the new Slip Clutch system that allows adjusting the arc without the use of any tool. The positive right (fixed) and left stops reduce set-up time by allowing you to quick check the arc from 40° to 360° and. 550R-SC, …

Photo E-pic, the Garden Pearl

E-pic, the Garden Pearl

E-pic is the new Irritrol valve especially designed for residential applications. It’s the ideal choice for small irrigation systems thanks to small dimensions, low flow rates (starting from 20 l/h!), fast and innovative maintenance. The flow control system is designed to accept universal …

Photo Minisat: A new way of thinking about irrigation

Minisat: A new way of thinking about irrigation

Irritrol presents the new Minisat controller created to manage a centralized irrigation system based on the most modern wireless communication systems: internet, mobile phone and radio. It can be used both in agriculture and in landscape applications: Minisat allows irrigating areas …



Irritrol launch the new battery operated and monostation controller Tap Timer! Easy to program the new Tap Timer occur with a simple design, a direct connection to the water tap, 8 indipendent programs and up to 9 irrigation cycle options! Is ideal for …