550R Slip Clutch with stainless steel stem


3/4" Pop Up with stainless steel stem - Slip Clutch


› Heavy-duty construction protects riser and nozzle base from damage caused by vandalism
› Helps prevent ‘stick ups’ and eliminates scoring of riser caused by coarse and sandy soils
› Commercial-grade 304 stainless steel riser and nozzle base sleeves
› Standard rubber cover provides added protection against debris
› Part and reversing full-circle model in one unit
› Familiar top adjustment, wet or dry
› Non-flushing wiper seal reduces leaks caused by debris trapped under seal
› Filter with large surface area for better resistance to clogging and tolerance to debris.
› Single thread (rather than 5 like the competition) to reduce the risk of blockage due
to the intrusion of debris


› Radius: 7,6 - 15,2 m
› Flow range: 2,8 - 36,5 l/min
› Operating pressure: 1,7 - 4,5 bar (3,0 bar recommended operating pressure)
› Riser height: 12,7 cm
› Standard nozzle trajectory: 25°
› Low angle nozzle trajectory: 12°


› Check valve holds up to 2,1 m of elevation, change eliminates water waste
› Recycled-water indicator cover (purple)

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