Sport fields, parks


• Rotation speed adjustable 60-140 sec/180°
• Central flow system reduces hydraulic friction and improves the performance efficiency
• Both left and right sectors are adjustable
• Adjusting the sector is possible when sprinkler is not in operation
• High endurance ball bearings used inside the sprinkler
• All parts including solenoid can be serviced from the top of the sprinkler without the need for digging
• Flushing techniques ensure positive pop-up and pop-down
• Manual control and pressure regulation on valve in head models can be adjusted from the top of the sprinkler (ON-OFF-AUTO)
• Snap-on connection for easy maintenance
• Nozzles exchangeable from outside
• Lid and sprinkler head complete with artificial grass top


• Radius: 20,0 – 31,5 m
• Flow rate: 4,2 – 12,8 m3/h
• Operating pressure: 3,5 – 7,0 bar
• Trajectory: 25°
• Inlet: 1"1/2 female thread Inlet bushing made of brass


SGS103 Gear driven sprinkler 1” ½ F, 30°-330° with valve in head and artificial grass


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