SPS 178

SPS 178

The brand-new SPS178 pop-up sprinkler is the most powerful sprinkler in the
Irritrol range. It is intended for use on synthetic grass football fields and all large sports fields. It is installed outside the playing area without needing to install further sprinklers in the field, In fact, it ensures even coverage thanks to its wide range of 54 metres, which, together with the reduced water requirements, make it unique of its kind.


• Rotation speed time 180°: from min 50 to max 120 sec at 4,0 – 8,0 bar
• New technology nozzles to achieve excellent uniformity and reduced water consumption even with a radius of over 50m
• One piston for precise irrigation
• Built-in valve that assures high reliability and low head loss.
• Slow valve closure to prevent water hammers
• The solenoid valve and all the other parts are fitted at the top of the sprinkler for easy maintenance
• Turf cup for artificial grass


Radius: 34.0 – 54.0 m
Flow rate: 23.0 – 65.0 m3/h
Operating pressure: 4.0– 8.0 bar
Trajectory: 25°
Solenoid 24 VAC - 50 Hz
– Inrush current 0,34 A
– Holding current 0,20 A


SPS178 Piston sprinkler 2”, 360° with valve in head and turf cup

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