Weighted spray guide arm controls stream and prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways
Radius: 7,3 - 13,8 m
5 interchangeable, color-coded mathed precipitation rate nozzles from 5,7 and 28,7 L/M. No tools needed to change nozzles
Full circle or arc adjustable from 20° to 340°
76 mm pop-up clears tall grass
Heavy-duty, high-impact case with sturdy, reinforced ribbed design
Pressure-activated wiper seal assures reliable pop-up and pop-down
Radius reduction screw breaks water into smaller droplets for uniform watering
Unique lip case design aids in setting proper installation height, prevents grass and weeds from growing into head and minimizes backwash
Replaces competitive sprinkles, including Rain Bird® AG-5, Orbit® and Lego® sprinklers.
11,0 l/m nozzle pre-installed (Black)


Cap diameter: 127 mm
Height: 236 mm
Recommended operating pressure: 2 - 3,5 bar
Base connection 3/4" female and 1/2" female side ways


TITAN Pop-Up Impact Spray
TITAN-DA Internal Part Titan Spray


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