Pro-Van Nozzles

Adjustable Nozzles for HS and SL

Pro-Van Nozzles

These nozzles offer the possibility to adjust arc in function of all needs as also reducing water waste. Furthermore, they fit HS and SL SprayHead offering superior uniformity.


Adjustable Arc nozzle from 0-360 degrees
The arc is adjusted by rotating the top of the nozzle by hand
The nozzle will come assembled in the 0 degree position
in order for the end user to utilize the indicators on the
top of the nozzle (the arrow on the top of the nozzle will
indicate the watering pattern)
Color coded for easy identification
Filter included
Stainless steel radius adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius adjust-ment.


PRO-VANXX Adjustable nozzles from 0° to 360°

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