Rotary Nozzles

Irritrol Rotating Nozzles

Small nozzles for a great objective: water saving!

Here they are the new Irritrol Rotary Nozzles,
created to manage in efficient and balanced way
your garden. Thanks to an innovative internal mechanism the water is delivered slowly and evenly to reduce runoff and wasted water.


? Gear-Driven: the Rotary Nozzles utilize a proven planetary gear drive, variable stator and turbine to rotate the nozzle. The entire gear package is contained in the area beneath the fine mesh filter screen (100 mesh). Particles large enough to enter through the filter
will exit out of the nozzle plate through the multi-streams.
? Consistent Speed of Rotation: The gear drive develops an output power that is 10 times stronger than the output torque of competitive units (that use viscous fluid drive). This ensures positive rotation with no slowing caused by environmental factors such as blades of grass or small debris pushing up against the nozzle. The gear drive mechanism delivers a consistent speed of rotation
regardless of system pressure and prevents product stalling at low pressure.
? Matched Precipitation Rate: These nozzles deliver water moreslowly and evenly than standard spray nozzles. The precipitation rate of 14 mm/hr helps prevent the need to increase irrigation run time so much that it is tough to apply all the water needed for a given water window.
? Consistent uniformity: Step-Up Technology is designed to deliver high uniformity with matched precipitation for in-close watering all the way out to the furthest radius point. The unique “steps” create 15 streams, each designed to cover an area of the pattern and to achieve the maximum height of 20° trajectory to fight through wind.
? Easy arc adjustment: The unique adjustment method allows for pre-setting of arc by hand or tool before the nozzle is installed. Visual indicators allow the user to quickly adjust the arc pattern to the desired arc from 45-270°. The adjustment band can be adjusted by hand or with the pre-included tool.


? Pre-attached screen for easy installation
? Radius reduction up to 25% by turning set screw 90°
? Maintains precipitation rate (14 mm/h) as radius is reduced
? Color coded to identify adjustable or full circle


Full Circle ? 360° Adjustable Arc ? 45°- 270°


Radius range: from 4,3 to 8,0 m
Operating pressure range: from 1,7 to 5,2 bar
Flow rate range: from 0,68 to 15,82 l/min
Threaded: Female for I-PRO and SL Sprayheads


IPN-R360 Full circle nozzle 360°
IPN-RADJ Adjustable arc nozzle 45°-270°
IPN-RTOOL Adjustment key for Rotary Nozzles

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