Century Plus Series


Globe/angle configuration (G/A)
Accepts Irritrol OmniReg pressure regulator
Female thread BSP 1" - 11/2" - 2" - 3" (NPT
available on request)
Flow control (FC)
Brass flow control stem (2" and 3" mod.)
Internal and external manual bleed
Body and cap in Nylon reinforced with fiberglass (30%)
Molded-in brass studs allow positive bonnet attachment
Captive Solenoid (the plunger is retained in the solenoid)
Slow, anti water hammer closing
Rugged, nylon-reinforced Buna-N double-beaded
O-ring gasket on unused inlet cap guarantees hermetic seal
and does not require Teflon
Self-cleaning control orifices
Working pressure: 0,7 to 13,8 bar
Solenoid 24VAC 50Hz (24VAC 60Hz on request)
- Inrush current, 0,34 Amp.
- Holding current, 0,20 Amp.


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