specially designed for small residential irrigation systems


E-pic is the new Irritrol valve specially designed for small residential irrigation systems. In fact, the guaranteed low flow rates, its small size and extremely easy maintenance make it the best choice for these applications


Internal manual bleed
Optional flow control
Slow, anti-water hammer closing
Double beaded diaphragm in thermoplastic rubber

Additional Features

Fast lid removing with 4 screws
Flow Control with 6mm hexagonal system
Inspectable labyrinth removable from the outside
Flow rate of 80,0 l/min for 0,5 bar head losses


Flow range: 1,2-7,2 m3/h (20-120 l/min)
Operating pressure: 0,5-10,0 bar
Solenoid 24VAC – 50Hz
– Inrush current 0,34 Amp
– Holding current 0,20 Amp


Code Description
EU-EPIC-0.75-C Valve E-pic ¾” female, Flow Control
EU-EPIC-0.75-S Valve E-pic ¾” female, without Flow Control
EU-EPIC-1-C Valve E-pic 1” female, Flow Control
EU-EPIC-1-S Valve E-pic 1” female, without Flow Control


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