Pressure Regulator
It is suitable for all Irritrol valves: Century Plus, 700
series (Ultra Flow), Euro F PR 1", Euro F 11/2"
200-B and S-Series
No need for a gauge because the central selector
indicates the outlet pressure both in psi and bars
Easy vertical installation in the solenoid cavity, using the
two screws provided. The solenoid is fitted in the side
cavity provided in the OmniReg.
Its upright position facilitates assembly, offering a great
saving in space and makes it extremely easy to adjust
The desired pressure can be adjusted when the system is
shutdown or in operation
Accuracy of ±0,2 bar
Eliminates the need to keep double valve stocks
Needs only 3,8 l/min to operate
Maintains a constant pressure downstream.


Body in Nylon reinforced with fiberglass, metal components made of steel and brass
Outlet pressure regulated from 0,35 to 2,1 bar (mod.
OMR-30) and from 0,35 to 6,9 bar (mod. OMR-100)
Inlet pressure up to 13,8 bar
Inlet pressure has to be at least 0,7 bar higher than the desired outlet pressure
To reduce water hammering, the flow rate must not exceed 2,3 m/sec.
Flow rate from 3,8 to 1136 l/min.
Schrader coupling to enable pressure controls
(if desired)
Downstream sensing kit available for a higher precision in low pressure conditions.


OMR-30 OmniReg Pressure Regulator (up to 2,1 bar)
OMR-100 OmniReg Pressure Regulator (up to 6,9 bar)
OMR-DS Downstream sensing kit


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